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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Remembrance Sunday

While Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day has passed in the US and Canada, the UK celebrates their veterans on the Sunday after Veteran's Day. Their Remembrance/Veteran's Day is called Remembrance Sunday.

Yesterday I posted about an old acquaintance, but on this Remembrance Sunday, I want to remember family members that served. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the picture Nan had of Uncle Freddy when he was in Pearl Harbor. He went after the attack and was stationed there for a few years during the war. I hope we have the picture somewhere. Uncle Mario was in the Army (I believe) and served for a few years during World War II. Nan didn't have any photos of Uncle Mario. Instead of their photos, I will post old newspaper articles Nan kept from World War II:

Pop-Pop, mom's father, served in Korea and Vietnam. He was in the Air Force. He lived in Morocco for a couple of years, then he was stationed in Okinawa. Unfortunately, mom doesn't remember living in Okinawa since she was a toddler. My aunts remember bits and pieces of going to school on base. I think it would have been a cool experience. It's a shame my relatives were too young, but hearing Pop-Pop's war stories were awesome.

I am thankful for these stories I have heard over the years and I want to continue to extend my gratitude toward those who served in the past, serve in the present, and will serve in the future.

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