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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Selfies with People I Meet

Yesterday Barb, my friend Joyce's mom, to participate in the b & w picture challenge. I'm going to use this challenge to tell you about a cool incident that happened after work and before my library job.

7 days 7 random B&W photos of my life. Selfies with people I randomly meet. Usually I meet people on my travels and ask for selfies. Today, however, I was waiting for the train after my full time job and this guy asked me a question. He had a British accent and we talked about the UK. His name is Laramie and he's from Reading (UK). What a nice guy. He just got off of the train - he heads back tomorrow. I love how I can chat with others and I'm glad they agree to selfies. 😁🤗 Day 2 of 7.

Except that Google didn't save the b & w picture I edited on Instagram...

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