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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Halloween Greeting Cards

We're 16 days away from Halloween! Halloween is my holiday and I just love this time of year. Last Saturday, I received a Halloween card from Brooke. I am thankful for Brooke's friendship and I'm thankful for the lovely card.

I also sent Brooke a card last week. Tomorrow I am sending Michelle, a friend from Toronto, a card and next week I am giving Christina a card. Let me share the cards with you. (Yes, I am a fiend for cards, I love sending them.)

Michelle's card

Christina's card

Next Sunday when I see Christina, I will give it to her. I know that she will love it.

Are you planning on sending any cards? What are some of your Halloween traditions?


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I love the Halloween cards you picked to send and give to your friends. I am sure they will appreciate them. The first one is cute and the second, with the list of Drac's Top 10 favorite songs, made me laugh. "Don't Go Stakin' My Heart" is a hilarious song title.

    Thanks for playing Show & Tell, dear friend JM, and have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Thank you, dear friend! I hope both Christina and Michele like their cards. I'll give Christina her card on Sunday and Michele's card should arrive by sometime next week.

      Have a great week, dear friend!

  2. Those cards are cute. I don't have Halloween traditions. It's not a biggie with me.


    1. Thank you, Janie! I hope the one reaches Michele soon! Usually it takes about 5 days for mail to arrive in Toronto. I'll give Christina her card on Sunday.