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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Autumn Photo Shoot at the John J. Audubon Center at Mill Grove | October 28, 2017

Autumn has finally arrived in the Greater Philadelphia Area! Last week our temperatures cooled and the leaves really transformed. I love when the green leaves turn into reds, oranges, and golds and seeing the colours while I walk. I had beautiful sites this week while walking to the library.

Yesterday I decided to take Lyft to Mill Grove to take photograph the autumn sites around the JJAC. I had never visited Mill Grove during the colour changes of autumn, but my parents had their wedding photos shot at Mill Grove. I always thought their pictures looked beautiful and I wanted to experience Mill Grove in autumn myself.

I arrived at 12:30 and a young family was having their photos taken. Yesterday was in the low 70s and gorgeous. Yesterday was truly the perfect day for photographs. I walked around the property and started shooting. I also visited Odin and Luna; I didn't see Sam Adams or Scooter. Odin was very talkative and I loved talking to him as well.


After spending time with Odin, I decided to go near the river. The river was noisy with geese and duck, but unfortunately, I couldn't see them through the trees. From the river, I walked the remainder of the property.

I ended my visit with Conrad the blue jay. He was hard to capture, but before I left, I saw him jump into his water bowl. Miraculously, that's when I captured the best shots of Conrad!

Before I left, I saw the photographer that was photographing the young family. I asked her if she could take a photo of me with my camera. She gladly agreed and the two look beautiful.

I shot 175 photos. I can't post them all here, but here is the album: JJAC in Autumn


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    That's right, dear friend, I have seen posts about your visits to the John J. Audubon Center at Mill Grove other years, but this was the first time you experienced the facility in the fall of the year. The scenery is beautiful! I really miss seeing (and smelling) those colorful leaves every year. I will add, however, that it is finally nice and cool down here in Florida. The wind is gusty and the cold front that is currently pushing through will cause the temp to dip down to 50 degrees overnight - quite cool by Florida standards.

    I'm so glad you got to visit your old bird friends at the center. Odin is a handsome owl and I was delighted to hear his hoot. You were indeed lucky to get that closeup footage of Conrad the blue jay in his pen. The birds seem to like it when you talk to them.

    Thank you for taking me along on your latest educational adventure, dear friend JM, and have a fine week ahead!