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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sweet Home Cafe | The African American History Museum | Washington, D.C. | September 16, 2017

When I first arrived at the African American History Museum last Saturday, I was hungry. I wanted something to eat before I toured the museum (and later saw the Juggalo March) - I heard that the cafe downstairs, the Sweet Home Cafe, was amazing. I walked downstairs, and sadly, the line was very long. I wanted to tour the museum before it closed and walked over to a Muslim woman, where I asked her if she knew what the wait time was. Her three young children were right next to her and they were just as impatient as I was. She wasn't sure how long the wait was, but before I left, she gave me some dates to hold me over during my tour. They did hold me over!

After an hour and a half of walking around, I finally made it to the Cafe. At 4:30, the Sweet Home Cafe was not crowded at all. I ordered red snapper, hush puppies, vegetables, and a sweet potato pie. TO DIE FOR! I sat with a family and we all chatted. The Sweet Home Cafe truly felt like home - the cooking was homemade and the restaurant had a homely feel. It was expensive - $24 for my meal, but it was worth the price. I would recommend checking out Sweet Home Cafe if you find yourself visiting the African American History Museum.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Wow, you had a fantastic home cooked meal far away from home. It looks delicious. Coincidentally, Mrs. Shady prepared red snapper for us last weekend as well. Another coincidence - I just ate a few dates before logging onto your site. Thanks for showing us the Sweet Home Cafe at the African American History Museum. I'm sure I would get a lot out of the educational tour and enjoy the dining experience.

    I hope this weekend is going just as well for you. Take care, dear friend JM, and I'll see you again next week!

    1. Thanks, Shady. It's been a busy weekend! I hope your weekend has been going well, dear friend.