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Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Hea...errr...Sun

Can anyone guess what that reference is from? 😁😋

Of course, it's a reference from the first song that popped up on Amazon's Eclipse Music playlist today and the song I had on my mind since the eclipse was announced a few weeks ago. I'm making reference to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart"!

Today was a major day for North America, our friends throughout the US and Canada could experience a total eclipse! Though, those living in the states of Oregon, Missouri, Kentucky, South Carolina, and a bunch of others were on the Path of Totality. They could see the whole thing! Fortunately, Philadelphia had 80% of the view. At around 2 PM I went outside for lunch and watched the whole thing through my special eclipse glasses. I even saw the eclipse at 2:45. Of course, I shared my glasses with some of my coworkers. We were just amazed.

I'm still in awe. I'm just extremely happy that I could see the Eclipse! I want to end this post with some other favorites for the eclipse.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You were lucky to see an 80% eclipse and to have a fair weather day to view the phenomenon. Here in our town we experienced 72% coverage but the sky was filled with pesky clouds that obstructed the view at times.

    You picked some excellent songs that relate to today's awesome natural event. I'll bet that Bonnie Tyler video got a gazillion hits today.

    I hope you are in good spirits, dear friend JM, and hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for coming to see me at SDMM!

    1. Hi Shady,

      I know! I was worried about the clouds, but they came a bit before and right after the eclipse. I'm still amazed and in awe.

      I'm okay. Enjoying the break - I'm thinking for the rest of the year, I'm going to cut back on blogging. A lot of stuff I need to do and blogging almost every day became like a third job. I hope you are well!