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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bug Fest 2017

After some coffee and breakfast at Starbucks, I walked to the Academy of Natural Sciences for their 10th annual Bug Fest. I was super excited and others must have been excited as well since the line for admission was out the door. Fortunately, I have a membership and could bypass the line. I'm thankful they had extra staff members to take our member numbers to get us in quicker.

My first stop was to Dinosaur Hall. I wanted to see what Dinosaur Hall had to offer and since it was the first part of the museum, it was logical to stop there first. They had Praying Mantises, baby Praying Mantises, katydids, and roaches. They were neat to see, but my favorite was the Praying Mantis.

I loved walking around the museum and looking at the different insects. At one point, I stopped near the butterfly enclosure and talked to a beekeeper. The beekeeper allowed me to taste some of the honey she harvested. It tasted just like my uncle's honey! My uncle is a beekeeper too.

I headed downstairs and tried some yummy bug treats before the Bug Cookoff. I ever played some water games and learned about aquatic insects.

Of course, the Bug Cookoff was amazing! I laughed and had the opportunity to try Red Beans and Yikes and cinnamon crickets. Not bad, but my favorite was the dragon fly and meal worm mango chutney.

It was good, the photographer just wanted me to spit the crickets out to show I was eating them. I look grumpy.

Amazing time like always! I want to try making these dishes some day.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You are an adventurous eater. The proof is in the pudding (and so are the bugs). :) I think I told you this before, but you would make a great contestant on Survivor, winning immunity for your tribe by fearlessly gobbling down insect treats. You would also have done well on Fear Factor if you are old enough to remember that show.

    I don't know how many if any of those delicacies I would have been willing to try. The pizza looks like ordinary pizza and so I'd probably start with that until I worked up the courage to try those other concoctions.

    I am happy to see that you got a close-up look at those mantises and other live insects and tasted some fresh bee honey.

    Thank you for taking me along with you to Bug Fest 2017 at the Academy of Natural Sciences, dear friend JM!