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Monday, August 7, 2017

Beautiful Weekend in the Greater Philadelphia Area

On Friday, the hot temperatures broke and the Greater Philadelphia Area experienced temperatures in the mid-70's during the day and low-60s in the evening. We opened the windows on Saturday night and we enjoyed hearing the sounds of summer.

On Sunday, I decided to go roller skating because it was perfect weather. Before I went roller skating, I had the opportunity to walk around the city. I walked down to South Street, had a bagel at Red Hook before going to Penn's Landing to skate. As I was heading back, I stopped by to look at the cats in the window at the cat cafe. While I was getting my phone out, the chords tangled and the cats were watching me. They wanted to play with the chords. I then dropped my headphones and the cats just stared at the headphones, it was a comical sight.

The walk to Penn's Landing was beautiful and I had to take a more scenic route because there was a festival happening. That was okay because the view of the Delaware was just gorgeous.

I only took one photo while skating, but it wasn't of me skating, it was a neat little graffiti tag.

I also met some people visiting from Toronto. When I finished skating, we chatted for a good half-an-hour. I told them I was waiting to hear back from immigration and that I hope to move. I will admit, I haven't looked at prices since last year because things are still up in the air. I will also admit that I was looking in poorer areas, so when I saw rent last year, prices ranged from $550-$1000. I do know prices went up 17% because of Toronto, just like every major city worldwide, is a hot commodity. They were telling me that rent in Toronto is comparable to Philadelphia and really nice places can go for $1700/month. Like my other Canadian friends, they recommended Hamilton and Mississauga. Maybe I will look into things again, but I rather wait until I get the word. They were all very sweet and we took a selfie together before we parted.

My walk back to the bus was just as amazing. I saw many lovely views.

I can't wait until autumn! The past few days have felt more like a late September, early October day instead of an early August day.


  1. Sometimes I forget what temps in the mid-seventies feels like. I long to open the windows and enjoy fresh air. I'm glad you had a good time.


    1. I'd be happy if it'd stay this way all summer!