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Monday, July 31, 2017

Playing Hooky: A Tourist In My Own City

Since I have a lot of time at work, I decided to take a sick day today and I decided to become a tourist in my own city. After lunch at Panera, I walked down to Independence Mall and saw some sights I've never seen before. Of course, I've seen Independence Hall before, but I've never toured the Second Bank of the United States. The Second Bank was amazing! The inside was beautiful and it was cool. I loved hanging out before going roller skating.

Philadelphia also just opened a Revolutionary War Museum. Unfortunately, it was $19 and I wanted to stick off to free things today. I walked out, said I would come back another time, but chatted with the reenactors instead. One agreed to a picture!

I had such a fun day and I am glad the weather was beautiful, although hot.

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