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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Memories of Linkin Park

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been listening to Linkin Park since I was 11.5. I remember watching their video "One Step Closer" on MTV before school started. I would go to Nan's in the morning and I would flip between the news, MTV, or the Box. Actually, I saw "One Step Closer" on the Box. I loved watching that video in early 2001. Anna was the friend that really introduced me to Linkin Park.

Every time I would visit Tower City, we'd listen to Linkin Park, Kittie, and all the other metal acts. Ironically, her other friend introduced me to Juggalo music and that's how I became a Twiztid fan. It seems like Tower City influenced a lot of my musical choices when I was a young teenager. Anyway, I remember listening to Linkin Park as Anna's mom drove us places and I remember watching Frat Party at the Pancake Festival with Anna. Later that year I bought that DVD with my babysitting money. I believe I still have it but haven't watched it since 2002.

I also bought Hybrid Theory in December 2001. That CD never left my walkman and I would listen to it wherever I went. On car rides with Nan, on hot summer nights before bed, I would lie on Nan's couch and just listen to Hybrid Theory on repeat. I was bullied a lot during the summer of 2002, between online and the telephone, my classmates wouldn't leave me alone. Back then, I didn't feel welcomed, and Hybrid Theory was part of that musical world that made me feel welcomed.

After the incident in November 2013, I actually found Hybrid Theory in my vast CD collection and that was the CD I listened to that helped me get through a difficult time. Yes, I listened to Twiztid a lot then, but it was actually Linkin Park that never left my CD player. I listened in the office, and since I didn't have to attend class anymore because I wasn't up to, I would listen to Hybrid Theory as I walked to Everhart Park to swing my thoughts away. Like 2002, this was the only band that seemed to get it.

This is why I feel the most upset about Chester Bennington. I've felt sad about other musicians, but this one seems to have hit the hardest.

Maybe in the future, I'll expand upon these memories for a blog - I will be expanding upon these memories for my autobiography, but everything seems so surreal.

Wearing my Linkin Park t-shirt in July 2004 when we visited Fort Lauderdale.

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