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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dr. Niama: One Year Later

Today has been the one year anniversary since my dear friend Dr. Niama passed away. Last year I posted this blog entry in her memory: In Memory of Dr. Niama. In this entry, I mentioned that there would be no obituary. I couldn't find an actual one, but as I Googled her tonight, I did find one from MyDeathSpace. I'm not sure how legitimate it is, but I know it's pretty accurate with celebrities.

If this is indeed true, it's sad. When my neighbor told me of the news, she had just said Dr. Niama passed away from heart complications. It could have just been the nicer way of saying it. This is really sad.

All I know, sometimes it feels weird not being able to reach out to her and tell her all about the good things that are happening in life. There are moments where I just want to e-mail her and do just that.

I hope she is resting easy. 

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