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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Atlantic City | Bungalow Beach

As I was charging my phone inside the aquarium, I saw a glimmer of light leave a shadow on the wall. I looked up and as soon as I saw the sun poke out, I knew it was time to get going. I spent around an hour-and-a-half inside the aquarium and knew it was time to go. I went back to the knick-knack shop, bought potpourri and postcards as an appreciation of thanks, and ordered Lyft to get to the beach since it was ten minutes away. As I waited for my ride, I had someone take a Polaroid picture of me in front of the aquarium. Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera with the sun setting and the picture was washed out. As soon as I grabbed my phone for another one, my driver arrived.

Im glad he arrived when he did because it was getting sunnier. I was so happy. He helped me load my baggage into his vehicle. For someone who was only traveling for the day, I sure did have a lot of stuff! I brought towels, a beach blanket, the Bears, 2 bottles of water and 2 bottles of sports drinks. I also brought a book. I was grateful. I'm glad I decided to take Lyft because the driver brought me to the beach in front of Tropicana. He said that was one of the bigger beaches. As we were driving, he was telling me about different beaches of Atlantic City and Asbury Park. I was telling him I went to Asbury Park last year and he asked me if they were making a comeback since Hurricane Sandy. I mentioned that it was, but I had never been to Asbury Park before Sandy. He also said Atlantic City was making a comeback too.

It was overcast and fog smothered the buildings. The driver did say that this fog happens because of the coolness of the water and the humidity of the air, it would dissipate once it rained. I was swimming when I noticed an hour later that people were leaving the beach. It was pouring and I rushed to put my bears back in their bag. I wanted Wesley and Mini to experience a day at the beach. However, unfortunately, Minis tag smudged, but the Bears were okay. It rained for a good hour, but I continued to swim. We could swim since there was no thunder. It was actually cool swimming in the pouring rain. The rain drops made cool designs against the waves. It was refreshing.

After the rain had ended and the sun started to come out, I noticed the fog that covered the buildings were gone, just as the driver had said. The beach did look pretty. I took Wesley and Mini out of their bag, they sunbathed, and I went back into the water after I had a water break (I packed four bottles of water to keep myself hydrated throughout the day). 

As soon as I went back into the water, this seven-year-old saw me and wanted to play with me. He called me a new friend and I had a new buddy for the next two hours. I admire the energy he had and his sense of adventure. He wanted to get deeper into the ocean, but I held him back and said where we were swimming was deep enough. He listened and we either jumped or swam under the waves. Another boy he met on the beach joined us too.

I met a lot of nice people on the beach. As I was photographing and getting a few selfies, this one guy sitting near me took notice. He came over to me and said, I noticed you were taking a lot of selfies, do you want me to take a few photos? I smiled and said sure. It was fun and we both laughed throughout the photoshoot. Towards the end, I ended up taking a selfie with him. Before I went back into the water, he threw a football to me, but I missed. The seven-year-old saw and he ended up playing football with the older guy. It was nice to watch.

Both groups left at about 4 oclock. Before the little boy left, I noticed he was leaving his toys in the water. I collected them and brought them back to his parents. His parents were grateful and thanked me for keeping an eye on him. Before the left, they took a photo of the little boy and me to put into my happiness box. The little boy thanked me for being his friend. I love traveling and meeting new people when I travel. I tend to meet nice people on my travels and learn a lot from them and the new areas I visit.

I spent the next hour-and-a-half swimming and diving under the waves. The sun was fully out by that point and I wanted to enjoy the sun, even though I was sunburned. I had to take pictures too. I saw a young couple sitting by me and asked if they could take a few pictures for my happiness box. One by the Polaroid and one by my cell phone. They gladly obliged and were thrilled about the selfie question. I handed the young man my phone for the selfie but missed me completely because of the sun glare. I tried my hand at the group selfie and was able to fit all of us in. My mom jokes that I'm the best selfie photographer.

By 5:30, I was getting tired and decided to listen to WRTI for an hour while I rested and watched the waves. It felt soothing to listen to classical music on the beach and was a great ending to a fun-filled day. I had a great time in Atlantic City and it was the perfect spot for a day trip. 

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