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Monday, July 31, 2017

Playing Hooky: A Tourist In My Own City

Since I have a lot of time at work, I decided to take a sick day today and I decided to become a tourist in my own city. After lunch at Panera, I walked down to Independence Mall and saw some sights I've never seen before. Of course, I've seen Independence Hall before, but I've never toured the Second Bank of the United States. The Second Bank was amazing! The inside was beautiful and it was cool. I loved hanging out before going roller skating.

Philadelphia also just opened a Revolutionary War Museum. Unfortunately, it was $19 and I wanted to stick off to free things today. I walked out, said I would come back another time, but chatted with the reenactors instead. One agreed to a picture!

I had such a fun day and I am glad the weather was beautiful, although hot.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Roller Skating

Today was beautiful and I ventured down to Philadelphia to go roller skating. I took the high-speed line to 69th Street, then the MFL to Suburban Station. On the way to Suburban Station, I captured this photo of one of the murals:

I posted it on Instagram and Twitter. SEPTA responded on Twitter and thanked me for riding. It made me smile.

I had breakfast, multigrain bagel, and iced chai latte, at Starbucks and walked the 13 blocks to the skating rink. It was a beautiful day and walking was nice. I ran into a Chinese couple visiting from China and gave them a quick history of Independence Mall. They asked me questions and I answered what I could. They were grateful, then we separated because they had a tour coming up and I wanted to get to the skating rink.

I had a nice day roller skating. I skated for an hour and helped a special needs girl learn the basics of roller skating and encouraged her. She was so happy when she could finally skate a little bit of a distance away from the wall. I cheered her on. Before they left, her mother thanked me for helping and being encouraging with her daughter, a lot of people aren't.

It made me feel happy that I could give a little assistance to someone in need. It added colour to my day and added to the good feelings today. It was only 75 degrees this afternoon, it was perfect weather and it felt great feeling the breeze.

Watching the boats sail along the Delaware River was also beautiful. I loved watching a father and his young son watch the boats from the dock. I had to capture the moment:

I look forward to roller skating tomorrow.