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Friday, June 2, 2017

The Canadian Saga Continues

As most of you know, last Saturday when I opened my invitation for express entry to live in Canada, I needed an upfront medical exam. I was in panic mode because I didn't get this medical exam and I had to respond to the invite on May 31st. I phoned the doctor that was approved by the CIC to do the exam, his answering service answered and took a message. That Sunday, I realized as long as I show proof of the exam happening, I'll be okay.

The office called on Tuesday and I was set to have an appointment today. Responded to the invite and Canada responded that they'd be in touch about a medical exam. I have read that medical exams are good for 12 months, so I thought I'd be okay to get the medical exam now with the forms I had. I took a day off from my full-time job to get this done.

Well, today, I arrived at the office and I was 10 minutes early. I took out the money I needed to pay them and I walked in the office all confident. Found out, I needed the express entry letter and the specific form that went with the letter. I didn't get a letter when Canada sent me the invite for the express entry. It made sense: when Canada will get back to me, the form and I assume that letter will be attached. I am assuming that letter is instructions for the exam since that is what they issue. I felt silly and stupid. I apologized and said this was my first time. The receptionist reassured me: "this happens a lot. An upfront medical exam isn't really that upfront. There's a lot of twists and turns in this process." I just hope she didn't think I was really stupid and she was just making me feel better.

Fortunately, they won't charge me $65 again to hold another appointment. I'll just pay what I owe them. I told them I'd be in touch, and I am hoping Canada won't take forever to respond. I suppose this is a Ramadan test to see how I hold in patience.

Since I had the day off, I got my hair cut, then had an eye exam. I think this was a blessing because I needed an eye exam since it's been three years. I'll have new glasses in two weeks and my prescription hasn't changed much. I'll be set for the medical exam now.

I definitely want to start journaling about all of this.

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