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Friday, June 30, 2017

T-Minus 6 Months!

We're halfway through the year, where did the time go? Did you set goals for the year? How close are you to accomplishing them? Do you measure your goals monthly, quarterly or yearly or simply let the ball where it may. What do you hope to accomplish in the last 6 months of this year?

I'm wondering the same thing! I wish it would slow down a bit!

I did. Well, one is a long term goal and that is moving to Canada. I started working on that goal last summer and in May I accepted the invite to apply for permanent residency. The application fee was $1000 CAD or $750 USD. I saved for 3 months to get my goal of what I needed. I had the minimum between my savings, mutual fund, and savings bonds (which I will cash before I go) and I am hoping that is okay. I am hoping I will be accepted. Now it's just sweating the medical. I'm mostly healthy, I know my thyroid disease isn't disqualifying, but I am hoping my misdiagnosis of moods from six years ago doesn't disqualify me. It was deemed a misdiagnosis four years ago (my thyroid causes mood swings) and I haven't been taking medications since. I only treat my thyroid (and now cholesterol).

I'm hoping, but I do have backup plans just in case. They involve teaching abroad because it's good money and well, I want to move abroad. It would help me get started. While I have been saving (though, this month has been tough because I postponed bills from last month to this month since I wanted the money for Canada immigration) and I've been doing a decent job of it, the call center pay is horrible. It's hard to save, even with two jobs. I need a new job, and honestly, teaching would help. It'd get me away from mom and her family. It'd be a start as well. We'll see what the last six months of this year brings.

About the measurements - the Canada/moving abroad goal is a "fall where it may" type of goal. My monetary goals have been monthly and I've been budgeting to keep track of those goals. Money has always been a monthly thing. Whenever I travel, that tends to be yearly. Most of the things I accomplish seem to be yearly goals.

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