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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grenfell Tower Fire

I've refrained from posting anything about the devastating fire last week at Grenfell Tower because that really saddened me. I had to stop myself from feeling what those poor people had to endure.

I donated to the funeral of Mohammed Al-Hajali, the Syrian refugee that perished. It was a GoFundMe and the friend running the charity kept all of us informed. She posted pictures of the funeral prayer, along with the funeral, and it felt like I was there in a sense. It broke my heart, though. It's just sad because he escaped the Syrian War unscathed, but met his fate in London. London should be safer than Syria. His landlord should have done more to keep him and the 400 others safe. Sadness then turned into anger.

I've been following the different stories and the London government found eleven more social housing units with the same cladding Grenfell Tower used. PM Theresa May is making the owners remove the cladding and I hope they do without a fuss.

I hope the owners aren't as insensitive about an interview that was posted on Facebook. In the video, a wealthy woman is threatening to move out of her flat if the Grenfell Tower survivors moved into her complex free of charge. Her reasoning: she works too hard to pay for her flat and she doesn't feel right that people would get it for free.

From what I understand, the area of Chelsea and Kensington are wealthy areas, but there are some social housing (or low-income projects as they would be called in the US) scattered throughout the area. The area where Grenfell Tower was located was gentrifying and that is why they had the renovation. They wanted the unit to look appealing to the wealthy people that were moving in. Apparently, some residents had issues with the wealthy people.

I thought that comment was insensitive on that woman's part. Just because she makes a lot of money doesn't mean a low-income person does not work just as hard. They could work even harder, but their company doesn't pay them a fair wage. Besides, when at least 80 people die in an inferno, how hard you work becomes a moot point. It shouldn't matter how hard you work or how much money you make when there are people who are in need of homes that lost everything in a fire. One should put that aside, open their hearts, and do whatever they can to help... even if that means they get an apartment for free temporarily.

Maybe this is what our world has become, heartless. Sorry for this rambling.


  1. Such a great post! A lot of thanks for sharing.

  2. The fire really was awful. And yes, unfortunately, the world seems horribly short on compassion these days.

    This might brighten your mood a little. As promised, Italian Soda:

    1 oz Italian syrup of you choice
    Sparkling water (we use seltzer)
    lemon or lime slice for garnish

    Ice in a collins glass.
    Pour syrup over the ice.
    Top off with sparkling water.
    Garnish if desired.

    1. Did you see that the British government found 34 other buildings with the same cladding? I hope the landlords/companies fix the cladding to prevent another horrible fire.

      Thank you! That is super easy to make and I can't wait to make it. :)