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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fez Moroccan Restaurant and Belly Dancing

On Friday night after I finished roller skating, I walked down to South Street to go to the Turkish restaurant on Fourth and South. I was in the mood for Imam Biyaldi, the stuffed eggplant dish, and Kabobeesh is the only restaurant that serves Imam Biyaldi.

I walked the twenty minutes and when I arrived, the restaurant closed! I was sad because I really wanted the eggplant. I decided to walk down to Second Street and go to Cedars.

However, when I arrived at Second Street, I decided to go to Fez. I wanted something vegetarian for dinner and Fez has more vegetarian options. Fez is two stores down from Cedars, with the Arabic bookstore in between the two restaurants. I then realized the Arabic bookstore closed too! It made me sad because I loved that store. I bought a few children's books from the store to aide in my Arabic lessons.

I walked into Fez and the cold air that greeted me felt wonderful. I was hot from roller skating and walking, the cold air was welcomed. I sat down and talked to the people around me before the belly dancing show began.

I shouldn't quit my day jobs! The couple sitting on my left asked me if I had done this before. I laughed and said I had. I studied Arabic in college and the university treated us twice to Casablanca, a Moroccan restaurant in Warrington. I also belly danced in Toronto. I'm not new to it, even if I am rusty!

It was so much fun. It was an energetic and lively ending to the evening.

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