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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A New 'Do From Supercuts

After my Canadian medical exam fell through, I decided to get a haircut. Well, it was supposed to be a trim, but my hair was so dry that it turned into a haircut. When I walked in, a guy greeted me, I said I needed a trim and asked if they also French-braided hair. They didn't, but they could help me with the trim.

The guy, who introduced himself as Nick, walked me back to the sink to wash my hair. Let me show you my hair before the cut:

Not surprisingly, my hair was super dry and it needed treating. Over the winter, I didn't wash my hair every night and used dry shampoo in between the washing. I loved the Batiste dry shampoo and when I had my hair trim in March, my hair wasn't dry as it was in December. Sadly, I ran out of Batiste and bought herbal essence dry shampoo instead. That gave me scalp pimples and I went back to washing my hair every night with supermarket brand shampoo (which is drying). So, Nick washed my hair and then treated it for fifteen minutes. It felt as smooth as silk after he was done.

When it came time to my trim, he cut a half an inch more than what I wanted, but it needed to be done. As he snipped away at my hair, we talked about music and Toronto. He was a great hair stylist and I definitely want to go back to him again. I love what he did with my hair.

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