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Friday, June 30, 2017

T-Minus 6 Months!

We're halfway through the year, where did the time go? Did you set goals for the year? How close are you to accomplishing them? Do you measure your goals monthly, quarterly or yearly or simply let the ball where it may. What do you hope to accomplish in the last 6 months of this year?

I'm wondering the same thing! I wish it would slow down a bit!

I did. Well, one is a long term goal and that is moving to Canada. I started working on that goal last summer and in May I accepted the invite to apply for permanent residency. The application fee was $1000 CAD or $750 USD. I saved for 3 months to get my goal of what I needed. I had the minimum between my savings, mutual fund, and savings bonds (which I will cash before I go) and I am hoping that is okay. I am hoping I will be accepted. Now it's just sweating the medical. I'm mostly healthy, I know my thyroid disease isn't disqualifying, but I am hoping my misdiagnosis of moods from six years ago doesn't disqualify me. It was deemed a misdiagnosis four years ago (my thyroid causes mood swings) and I haven't been taking medications since. I only treat my thyroid (and now cholesterol).

I'm hoping, but I do have backup plans just in case. They involve teaching abroad because it's good money and well, I want to move abroad. It would help me get started. While I have been saving (though, this month has been tough because I postponed bills from last month to this month since I wanted the money for Canada immigration) and I've been doing a decent job of it, the call center pay is horrible. It's hard to save, even with two jobs. I need a new job, and honestly, teaching would help. It'd get me away from mom and her family. It'd be a start as well. We'll see what the last six months of this year brings.

About the measurements - the Canada/moving abroad goal is a "fall where it may" type of goal. My monetary goals have been monthly and I've been budgeting to keep track of those goals. Money has always been a monthly thing. Whenever I travel, that tends to be yearly. Most of the things I accomplish seem to be yearly goals.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thankful Thursday: Celebrating Mrs. Collier

Tomorrow Mrs. Collier officially retires from the library. Since the library is my part-time job, I do not work Fridays since I work my full-time job during the day (the library is only opened from 9-5 on Fridays), tonight was my last night seeing her before she retires.

She let me take a picture with her, which I am grateful for. I am thankful that I had her as one of my managers for the past 11 years. I'm thankful for my other manager as well. I'm thankful for her lessons and how she acts as a mother for the other pages. I am thankful that the library feels like a family. I will miss her vibrant personality and jokes, but I will miss seeing her at work.

I feel thankful for everything that the library has taught me over the years and the people I have worked with.

Thankful Thursday 6/29/2017

Happy Thursday! I hope you all have had a great week and have a fun weekend planned.

I have a lot to be thankful for this week. Last Friday, one of dad's friends gave me a halal lamb gyro free of charge for dinner. It was delicious!

He always gives me free food and I remember one time in 2009, he gave us a free chicken and beef rib package for the birthday party I was having for my 20th birthday. I decided to write him a thank you note.

I'm also thankful for the beautiful weather this week and my friends. What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pictures From Sansom Kabob House

On Saturday, I decided to venture to Sansom Kabob House since the last time I was there was on October 31, 2016. The last time I was there, I was the only one dining, which allowed more pictures. If you remember:

However, it was nice to see other diners on Saturday night. I loved the lively feel. Of course, the food was delicious as always!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Penns Landing Boardwalk Carnival

After roller skating for an hour and a half, I decided to check out the carnival going on.

They had the Ferris wheel and a carousel. There were also arcade games that had a fee attached, but they looked fun. As I was waiting in line, I was debating the Ferris wheel. I hate heights and since it was just me, I was afraid that I would have a panic attack if I was stuck on the top for more than a few seconds. The last time I was on a Ferris wheel, I was in Wisconsin and went on with Deb. Being with someone eased my fear of heights. I decided against the Ferris wheel. I really wanted to go on the carousel, but the line was too long, it was getting late and I had to catch Lyft home.

I ended up playing two arcade games. I didn't win the water game, but I did win the strength contest. I won a penguin. I ended up giving the penguin to a little girl.

It was neat. I hope it stays for a couple more weeks.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Roller Skating with Biz Markie 6/24/2017

Last night I decided to trek down to Penns Landing for my weekly skating. I didn't realize there was also a carnival going on the DJ for the evening was Biz Markie. Biz Markie was known as the clown of hip-hop in the 1980s and his hit was "Just a Friend." As a refresher:

Naturally, the rink was crowded. Very, very, very crowded. I was shocked with how crowded it was. I even took pictures of the crowds:

I still skated and I was amazing. I skated without holding on! After a few times around the rink, I heard my name being called. I thought I was hearing things because I didn't know anyone on the rink. I turned around and it was my co-worker from the full-time job calling me. I skated over to her and her boyfriend and we chatted for a bit. They were enjoying Biz Markie. Of course, I had to get a selfie.

I spent the rest of the evening skating and dancing before I fell. I went to fast. It was so crowded that there wasn't much room for dancing.

I had such an amazing time!

Happy Eid!

I'd like to wish my Muslim readers a happy Eid-al-Fitr or Eid Mubarak! I hope your days are special and I hope you all had a blessed Ramadan season.

Me, this is the time I like to reflect and count my blessings.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Grenfell Tower Fire

I've refrained from posting anything about the devastating fire last week at Grenfell Tower because that really saddened me. I had to stop myself from feeling what those poor people had to endure.

I donated to the funeral of Mohammed Al-Hajali, the Syrian refugee that perished. It was a GoFundMe and the friend running the charity kept all of us informed. She posted pictures of the funeral prayer, along with the funeral, and it felt like I was there in a sense. It broke my heart, though. It's just sad because he escaped the Syrian War unscathed, but met his fate in London. London should be safer than Syria. His landlord should have done more to keep him and the 400 others safe. Sadness then turned into anger.

I've been following the different stories and the London government found eleven more social housing units with the same cladding Grenfell Tower used. PM Theresa May is making the owners remove the cladding and I hope they do without a fuss.

I hope the owners aren't as insensitive about an interview that was posted on Facebook. In the video, a wealthy woman is threatening to move out of her flat if the Grenfell Tower survivors moved into her complex free of charge. Her reasoning: she works too hard to pay for her flat and she doesn't feel right that people would get it for free.

From what I understand, the area of Chelsea and Kensington are wealthy areas, but there are some social housing (or low-income projects as they would be called in the US) scattered throughout the area. The area where Grenfell Tower was located was gentrifying and that is why they had the renovation. They wanted the unit to look appealing to the wealthy people that were moving in. Apparently, some residents had issues with the wealthy people.

I thought that comment was insensitive on that woman's part. Just because she makes a lot of money doesn't mean a low-income person does not work just as hard. They could work even harder, but their company doesn't pay them a fair wage. Besides, when at least 80 people die in an inferno, how hard you work becomes a moot point. It shouldn't matter how hard you work or how much money you make when there are people who are in need of homes that lost everything in a fire. One should put that aside, open their hearts, and do whatever they can to help... even if that means they get an apartment for free temporarily.

Maybe this is what our world has become, heartless. Sorry for this rambling.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thankful Thursday 6/22/2017

Yesterday I posted this to Facebook:

Some mornings are rough with Lyft, but most mornings are pretty good. Today my driver came from Philadelphia and when I hopped into his car, I noticed his poop emoji stuffie on his dashboard. I giggled and said, "I love the poop emoji sitting on your dashboard! My dad loved the poop emoji." He laughed and said I could have it to give to my dad.
I didn't think he was serious. During the ride we had a conversation and he mentioned he was from Abu Dhabi. I told him I wanted to visit one day, the UAE in general, and he was telling me all about his home town.
I digress, as soon as he dropped me off at the train station. He handed me the poop emoji and I thanked him in Arabic. Day made!
(Also my Jiffy recipe book - a free order - was in the mail box this morning!)

I still feel really thankful about being given that poop emoji. After a bad day on Tuesday, being given that little gift on Wednesday made my day. I know it sounds silly.

Today is also 18 years since Significant Other was released. This was my CD during the summer of 2001, back when I had to listen to edited music. Korn was the first CD I bought unedited in March 2013 when I was allowed to finally purchase unedited music. I'm not sure why I didn't replace my Limp Bizkit CDs with unedited ones, but I found Significant Other in Repo Records on Saturday for $1.99. Couldn't pass it up and have been listening to it ever since.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Roller Skating Pictures

I decided to wear a skirt while roller skating on Saturday night. Despite the rink being wet, I still did well and had a great time. I especially had a great time roller skating in a skirt. It was an interesting experience.

Soundtrack from Saturday night: