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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pop-Pop's Birthday

Today would have been Pop-Pop's 77th birthday. It's hard to believe that on June 20, it'll be 10 years since he died.

Pop-Pop was an Air Force Vet and I remember him telling us about many of his military travels. One that stands out in my mind is his story about Morocco. The way he described Morocco reminds me of Lawrence of Arabia, but the people are very lively. I've always wanted to visit.

However, I say the most memorable moments are when he took us grandkids to the diamond/gem place in Cape May. Every summer from 1995 until 2001, we trekked to Cape May for the week usually over my birthday. Pop-Pop would take us, his three granddaughters, to collect these gems/diamonds Cape May was known for. I used to love searching for the gems in the water and making necklaces.

I also remember trying raw clams in 1996. We were eating at a restaurant in Cape May and Pop-Pop ordered raw clams and oysters. I thought they looked interesting and even back then, I wasn't afraid to try things. I asked him if I could have what he was eating, so he gave me a raw clam. I loved it and we shared a meal of raw clams and oysters. To this day, I still eat raw seafood.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    Thank you for sharing memories of Pop-Pop on the 77th anniversary of his birth. He was a handsome man, a good story teller and clearly took an interest in you and the other grands. I am very sorry you lost him when he was still a relatively young man, younger than Shady is now.

    I have been to Cape May many times over the years and have taken the Cape May-Lewes Ferry ride on a few occasions.

    Have a good Tuesday, dear friend JM!

  2. Hi, Shady!

    Thank you! He came from a family of storytellers. Most of my Irish relatives are authors of some sort. I guess I didn't fall far from tree. :)

    I might have to write more Cape May memories one of these days. I've been debating going to the beach this year, but since I am moving... it'll depend on money.

    Hope you had a good Wednesday, dear friend!