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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Jessica's Ice Skating Saga Pt. II

Last night was my last Friday night ice skating. Lyft had a surge and when it usually costs $13 to get me to the rink, it was $32 (one way) to get there. With the costs and with me trying to move, I am going to be taking a break for a few months (until autumn). I want to start utilizing my museum memberships more and since summer is around the corner, I will be able to participate in more museum events for free.

Remember that teenage guy I posted about last week? Well, here is what I posted on Facebook last night:

This is going to be my last Friday night ice skating. I don't like being harassed by a 14-year-old teenager. Like last week, he called me mom and tonight said I looked less fat. He also said I was ugly and when he took my hand to guide me skating, he freaked out that my hands were sweaty and I must have an STD because of sweaty hands. Then he stopped skating and I had to pull him along. I've been being careful because I can't afford another $106 doctor bill. He became dead weight and I panicked because his friends were cutting me off on purpose. He also kept blowing me kisses and trying to kiss me. I pushed him away and got away. Before I left, he said to me, "mom, you should come to my house. We can watch movies, play video games, and eat dinner." I know I gave a stink eye because his friends admonished him for being creepy.
I reported him to the security guard and the guard talked to him. He may be 14, but that behavior is scary.

I'm going to take Shady's advice and look at the positive experiences from last night. I skated better and these teenage girls included me in their group to go ice skating with them. I thought it was very nice and I felt at ease with the girls. They even invited me to the snack bar, but the snack bar was closed and we finished ice skating. The one girl allowed me to get a selfie with her.

It also just felt nice to be on the ice during a 90-degree heatwave. It felt good to just move, even if I stay close to the wall. I can glide, if carefully, and the effort I put into it feels good. The DJ also played my request of "Black Hole Sun" to commemorate Chris Cornell. Everyone on the ice appreciated this and we all sang along with "Black Hole Sun."  I videotaped it and the 14-year-old appears in it...

I'm thankful for all the kind people I meet on my ice skating excursion, whether it is in Philadelphia or Oaks, I look forward to ice skating in Toronto in the future.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    It's a shame that immature boy and his friends interfered with you while you were trying to skate. You were right to talk to the security guard about them. I wouldn't go anywhere with him or with them, because I don't think they have good intentions. I'm glad your skating experience was balanced by the friendly girls you encountered and the Soundgarden song played by the rink's DJ. I hope you have better times and meet nicer people up in Toronto.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi Shady,

      It's crazy to think someone who is 14-years-old acts this way already! I expect it with guys in their 20s, but I guess I was taken aback by someone who is 14. I kept saying, "look, I am 27 and this is inappropriate!" He countered: "let's pretend I'm 28." It was weird and it gave me bad vibes. I'm glad the security guard took me seriously. Some said I should have punched him. Well, as an adult... I probably would have been criminally liable punching a minor. I don't want to risk my future for some punk. I did the right thing.

      That's true. :) The girls noticed he was harassing me and they said I should skate with them. Even some of the other teenage guys extended their hands and offered support. That was nice too. Those teens went to school with the one that was harassing, so I guess it is just him and his buddies. I'm thankful for that. I look forward to future adventures when I move, however.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear friend.

  2. Little poop boy is a nasty-man-in-training. Good for you for reporting him. I'm glad the girls skated with you. They sound very nice. Last time to skate in the U.S. The next time will be in Canada. Well done!


    1. Hi Janie,

      Yeah, he tried to kiss me twice and I pulled away. It was awkward and it bothered me. I'm cringing now just typing it. Ugh. I just hope he doesn't hurt young women in the future.

      I'm looking forward to it! Though, it's supposed to rain this weekend and I might go skating during the day. The day skating on Saturdays is mostly young kids, but young kids aren't as obnoxious as most teens. We'll see... I think I just want to wait.