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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Philadelphia Museum of Art's Member Social | Mount Pleasant

A few weeks ago I noticed that the Philadelphia Museum of Art was having a member social on Sunday, May 21st. I loved when they had a member social August at the Rodin Museum and wanted to check out Mount Pleasant. I also haven't utilized my membership in two months, so I wanted to use my membership to kick off the summer. I thought a member social would be the perfect opportunity.

I wasn't wrong! Last week we had a heatwave, but the weather broke on Saturday (with rain). Sunday was sunny, low 70s, and just beautiful. The weather was perfect. The social started at 4 PM and when Lyft dropped me off, I was amazed by the site of Mount Pleasant. It reminded me of the style of Pennypacker Mill's mansion.

Pennypacker Mills Mansion

Mount Pleasant Mansion

Anyway, I was greeted by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and met a lot of wonderful people. I met Peter and Casper - I loved their outfits, which Peter made. I fell in love with Casper's dress. I will admit I was going crazy with taking all of those pictures. I'm just thankful that they didn't mind.

There was a cool breeze through the house. The cool breeze followed us through the tours and exploration. I loved walking through the house and I loved sitting outside overlooking nature. Mount Pleasant was very peaceful and it was nice to have a quiet break.

I'm just glad the weather was nice for our event. I can't wait to go back to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Friday.