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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Unicorn Magic at Starbucks

Today was day #1 of the unicorn magic that Starbucks is serving for the next five days. Not sure what I am talking about? Starbucks decided to make a unicorn frappucino after unicorn drinks became popular. Basically, it's a pink drink with blue dye, mango flavoring in milk (almond or cow's milk), with whipped cream and sweet/sour sprinkles on top. As the drink melts a bit and once you stir, the drink is supposed to turn purple, then go from sweet to sour.

Before I went to job #2, the library, I had my awesome Lyft driver take me to Starbucks first so I could get my little dose of magic.

It looked so pretty and at first taste, it was good. I liked the mango taste; I also didn't think it was overly sweet. It wasn't overly sweet as I drank it throughout my shift, I didn't think it was overly sweet. It didn't get sour until the very end. I thought it was good.

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