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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thankful Thursday 4/13/2017

It's that time of week again! It's Thankful Thursday! I have a lot to be thankful for this week.

Tuesday night we had a beautiful full moon. I'm thankful for the beauty of nature, especially in the spring. It was supposed to be a pink moon.

The weather has also been beautiful too. It's nice to get out for walks, especially long walks.

I might sound obsessed with WRTI, but I just love the DJs of the classical station. On Tuesday, it was one of the DJ's birthdays. I sent him an e-mail and he responded with this:

Thank you, Jessica!
You've helped make it a better day already!

Yesterday was At Your Request on WRTI and I had to request Beethoven’s Fur Elise. I’ve always associated the song with the spring, especially with how beautiful this week has been. It was the second song played. Bliss Michelson is filling in for Jack Moore and he read off what I wrote: “this is for the member, Jessica, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She has always loved Fur Elise and brings back many wonderful memories from May 2003, when she was in 7th grade. She started downloading a bunch of Beethoven songs to listen to as she studied for various tests. I hope you enjoy, Jessica!”

He ended: “this came by the way of a request from Jessica in King of Prussia.” It felt so nice hearing Fur Elise, especially with the day I was having by that time. Beethoven has always calmed me, but thinking back to that spring in 2003, I smile. That was one of the few good years in middle school. I was volunteering at the Gold Library, making new friends, discovering my taste in music, and that spring was so full of adventure. That summer was full of adventure too. Nan turned 80, was five years cancer free, I was going on various business trips with mom to Maryland, then traveling to different places with Nan. I also did well in school. It was just a happy time and Fur Elise always reminds me of those good times.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania! :)

    You just reminded me of a movie I saw in 1971, the psychological thriller Play Misty for Me directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. :) Ever hear of it? Ever seen it?

    Clearly, based on the happy memory it triggers, you have become anchored in a positive way to Fur Elise. You should continue to use that piece of music for inspiration and to empower yourself. It was nice of the radio DJs to inform the listening audience that you requested that specific opus by Beethoven.

    It looks like Eastern PA is enjoying splendid spring weather. I wish you a happy Thursday, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi, Shady in Florida!

      I actually haven't, but I should check out the movie. I might do that this weekend.

      You're right! I've been listening to a lot of classical music lately and it has helped. I support WRTI as much as I can; I'm glad that there are still radio stations that play classical and opera. I'm thankful they are good to their members too.

      We are! I hope you're having splendid spring weather as well. Have a great weekend, dear friend Shady!