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Monday, April 3, 2017

NaPoWriMo Day #3

Today's prompt is to write an elegy. I decided against sharing the elegy I wrote about a person and decided to write an elegy about not traveling this year. Funny take on an elegy.

Travel ads now meant for the waste basket,
airline e-mails now ignored;
long lines don't fill my hours anymore.
Rides to Amtrak are an empty void,
random chatter has gone silent-
no more new friends from Lebanon,
Brazil, Norway, France, or anywhere.
Instead, musings in my journals,
and endless hours between three jobs
instead of exploration in foreign countries.

Yet, hope is not lost!
Nay! Only a temporary death;
the payout will be worth it,
when I climb aboard the plane,
a citizen in a new country
and my time filled with newness.

I might have to add to this at a later time. :)

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