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Sunday, March 26, 2017

The International Flags are Back!

Today I ventured into Philadelphia to go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to take advantage of the free member programs and scrapbook. When I left Starbucks, I walked to the Ben Franklin Parkway and saw that the foreign flags were back!

After Trump was inaugurated and after he issued the travel ban, I noticed that Philadelphia had taken the flags down in January. It made me cry, and I prayed that they wouldn't be gone forever. As you know from my other entries, I love those flags and always love taking pictures with them. I was so angry and distraught, I couldn't believe they were gone.

Yet, today they were back! I wonder if they took them down for impending inclement weather or since Trump was defeated, this was the city's way of celebrating. Regardless, I am glad they are back. I took many pictures but didn't get a chance to venture over to Canada's flag to take a selfie in front of that. Maybe next weekend. :)

As I was on the bus coming from the museum, going to South Street.

I'm going to work on a poem about the flags. I will debut the poem during National Poetry Write Month, which begins on April 1.

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