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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Jessica's Move to Canada Fundraiser

I am hosting a fundraiser for my upcoming move and I added some prize packages as well. I like creating and I'm hoping by offering work or services, it would be a fair exchange.

Last April I traveled to Toronto and the experience transformed me. I met so many wonderful people on my travels and made new friends along the way. Between all of the immigrants and meeting many people from many different countries, I felt at home with mingling with different groups of people. Each group welcomed me and included me in their activities; I never felt so welcomed in a city in my life and I knew that Toronto was a fit for me.

During my visit, I stayed at a bed & breakfast and many of the guests said to me, "You remind us of our creative children. Since you're looking for a move abroad, have you looked into Canada? Canada loves their creative people and Toronto would be a perfect fit for you!" When I arrived back home, I wanted to see if their suggestions held any water and nonetheless, they weren't kidding. Toronto does love the arts and Toronto had many opportunities for me as a writer and creative young professional. I wanted to move in order to start my career. I also saw that a few universities offered Arabic language certificates; I studied Arabic for two years in university and it is a goal of mine to get certified in Arabic to pair with my English degree. I also loved the cultural diversity and as that is my perfect fit, moving to Toronto made perfect sense. I was also very happy there and felt fulfilled.

After months of research, I completed and passed the IELTs (International English language proficiency test), had my education assessed, and everything else I needed to do to be considered for permanent residency. I put my application in at the end of October and had to wait until I was selected to apply for permanent residency. Becoming a permanent resident would make finding a job and moving to Canada much easier.

My dream to move to Canada is finally coming to fruition. After a four-and-a-half month wait, I was finally invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada. The step forward to become a resident, giving me the ability to find employment in the writing field, and the ability to live a multicultural life is now here. I have saved money from working two jobs, but I am $5,000 short of my goal. I’ve been working hard for the past year to make this a reality, but I also need some help.

Jessica's Move to Canada Fundraiser

Thank you!

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