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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's a Beary Wide World

This is my first time off of her desk today,
an anxiety that lingers in my mind; don't stay--
safety now as she rests me into her arm's crook;
gently holding me, the stairs have me shook.

Cold air hits my patch-work face
as she puts a scarf around my neck's lace--
smiling before she puts me down,
as she lets go of me, I begin to frown.

Trees, ominous rocks block my path:
where should I begin? On the concrete swath
I take the first step forward -- forward ho!
Clouds guide me, I hear water flow;

she is behind me, watching me,
I stop to rest on a rock, I love all I see;
lakes, streams, I can't wait for the blooms,
she grabs me for her friends, loving words loom.

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