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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Today is Anna's 29th birthday. I met Anna in 2000 at mom's company picnic held at Brandywine Picnic Park. Anna lived in Tower City at the time, two hours away from King of Prussia, her father commuted to King of Prussia daily for work.

I was bullied a lot in school and Anna invited me over many times to spend the weekend. I remember attending her Halloween party in 2001 and meeting her friend Emily from Harrisburg. I dressed up as Beyonce since it was a music themed party. After the party, Anna's mom drove us around Tower City looking at the Christmas decorations. It was fun driving around for an hour, then going back to Anna's house to watch horror movies all night.

Anna would spend some time at my house as well. Sleepovers with Liz or just the two of us, it was always fun just listening to heavy metal and watching different movies. Anna was the one who really got me into heavy metal at the age of 12. I am thankful for her for that and for her inviting me over when I was in my darkest hours.

Anna's mom is originally from South Carolina or somewhere down South. In 2004, they moved back to South Carolina and I visited her in 2005. I loved visiting her. I went alone in 2009 and just had a blast driving around Greenville with Anna. She took me to Asheville and it was just amazing. I met her South Carolinian friends and hung out with them.

It's been eight years since I've seen Anna, but we still keep in touch. Happy birthday, Anna!

From Anna's 21st birthday in 2009:

Me and Cam.


Heidi and Todd.

Anna and Tattoo Barbie.

Selfie fail! Haha.


  1. Happy 29th birthday to your friend Anna, dear Jessica Marie! Horror movies and heavy metal are my kinda combo and I wish I could have been there. I'm happy to know that your friendship with Anna has spanned all these years and all the miles that separate you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend JM!

    1. Hi, Shady,

      I'm happy about it too because she was always one of my best friends. I am thankful for her extending her hand each time I needed it when we were teens. I'm also thankful my parents drove me the two hours for the weekends spent at Anna's and I'm thankful Anna's parents did the same when she came here. In fact, her and her friends actually introduced me to the genres of music I love today.

      You too, dear friend!

  2. Anna is a true friend.


    1. Yes! Once I move and have the money, I want to visit her again.