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Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Day at the Metropolitan Opera | Romeo et Juliette | March 18, 2017

As a member of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I always receive program listings in the mail. Since I am saving for a move to Toronto, I often take advantage of the free member programs that the museum offers. However, when the March guide came in early February, I noticed there was a bus trip to New York City. There was a cost, but a reduced cost. I wanted to go to New York City, especially on an art trip. After I booked the trip, I realized I would be seeing an opera at the Metropolitan Opera. I have never seen an opera and I was excited.

Yesterday, we left from the Philadelphia Museum of Art at a little past 8 am. We made very good timing and arrived at 10:45 AM. We had an early lunch at an Italian restaurant called Bello. It was maybe about five minutes away from the Met Opera. I sat with a bunch of older folks and they were great! We talked about my hopeful move to Toronto, what I'd be doing, and how exciting it was going to be. The only guy to sit with us turned to me and said: "if I was younger, I'd move to Toronto too. It's such a great city and you will love it there." I smiled. The rest of the time we talked about our travels, old memories, and I loved hearing their stories. I thoroughly enjoyed lunch, the food was pretty good too! I had clams and salmon.

Lunch was an hour-and-a-half affair. When we arrived at the Met Opera, we had twenty minutes to find our seats. I wanted a picture of me in front of the Met Opera, I handed my phone to a New Yorker and she struggled with my phone camera. I definitely needed another picture after the opera was done!

When I walked inside of the Met Opera, I was amazed by the views! It was gorgeous! The lights hypnotized me and I wanted to take some pictures. I also had to find my seat. We were sitting in the orchestra and since I had never been to the Met Opera, I had to ask. Fortunately, my seat was not hard to find and I had some time to take pictures.

The opera was in French yesterday. For the first half, I wanted to listen without reading English subtitles on the seat. I could make out a few words (Nuit, bisous, couer [heart], adieu, etc.). However, I noticed one phrase wasn't translating on one person's seat. I thought they said, "trieste a demain!" Sadness until tomorrow? Tears until tomorrow? Maybe I heard it wrong. I liked testing my knowledge of French and I'm glad it wasn't distracting.

(from the end of the show... we could take pictures of them bowing)

In the second half of the opera, I decided to translate the opera into German for fun. It was interesting listening to Romeo et Juliette in French, but reading bits and pieces in German. I enjoyed it. I loved listening to the French, though. I knew the story of Romeo and Juliet; it was easy to follow along and it was just a wonderful experience.

I loved the memories I made yesterday. It was a perfect day, especially since this will be my last time traveling far this year since I am saving for immigration. I met so many wonderful people and I can cross off "seeing an opera" from my bucket list.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Operas are hit or miss for me but an opportunity to see one at the Met is not to be missed.

    1. I totally did! I am going to scrapbook my visit tonight. :)