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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: February 2017

February was a busy month for me and filled with many exciting events: hello! Meeting Mayhem was one of those events! Not only that, both jobs have been extremely busy and I have started crafting again. I signed up for a display case in May for the library and I will be displaying my travels again. I'm glad this will get me back into crafting. I have also been ice skating, though this weekend I took a break since I hurt my shoulder. I look forward to seeing what March brings!

February 1

Love my new friend, so much so that I brought her into the office. Still looking for a name.

 February 3

Two guys, Micah and Padhay, that I helped with ice skating. Micah was pretty good, Padhay needed help. Nice guys!

February 4
Display in Delaware.

Since I don't drink alcohol anymore, I bought the sparkling apple cider.

Went to Wegmans to buy my dinner.

February 5

It had been a while since I went to IHOP. I treated my parents to breakfast. I had chicken and waffles.

SUPER BOWL! I was rooting for the Falcons.

February 8

Enjoying 65 degree weather.

February 9

The next day it snowed. Gotta love Pennsylvania!

February 10

Beautiful full moon on the walk to work that morning.

Before ice skating.

Me with the snow moon!

Really worked up a sweat.

Beautiful kitty in one of the pet stores in Philadelphia.

February 11


February 12

February 16

My dad always loved these stores, he thought they closed. As I was walking to see Mayhem, I saw them and sent him this picture.

Loved this letter. 

One of the band member's back.

After meeting Mayhem!

Me and Ivan.

Had dinner at Cedars. I love their decorations.

Mayhem. I'm still in awe about this performance.

February 17

Took the day off and went into Philadelphia to ice skate. Loved this sign.

Loved these sights before ice skating. It was a beautiful day.

Another sign I loved.

Went to the Audubon page turning.

February 18

70 degrees?!

Making lamb.

February 19

Another beautiful day.

For my happiness box.

Happiness box.

February 21

The library now has Fruit Baskets manga!

February 22

Took a walk at lunch.

It was so nice seeing a Maple Leafs game.

Framed one of the CDs Mayhem signed for me. The other went into my happiness box.

February 24

February 25

Made an appointment to see my doctor in regards to my shoulder. I'll see him on March 3.

February 26

Much cooler today and Mimi took my spot on the couch.

February 27

My happiness box so far. I think there is still a lot of room left! 

I look forward to seeing what March brings. I hope you all had a wonderful February and that March is even better!


  1. Looks like you had a great month! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. Awwwwwwwwww kitty

    Congrats on getting the display case, that's great. Your month sounds exhausting, but in a good way.:)