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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Planning Exploring Your World

In May I am signed up for decorating the library's display case. I decorated the display case for the past three years and I love decorating. I am going to use the travel theme again this year, however, I've been planning on changing it up a little bit this year.

I'm still going to put travel albums and scrapbooks in. Instead of the photo string, I am going to frame some pictures and hang them. I also bought little easels for either smaller pictures or postcards I brought home or from friends I met while on my travels. I am debating putting in some travel journals. I have one completed, I would have to finish two others. I would also display As Far As The Eyes Can See.

I'm calling this display "Explore Your World". That is why I'm thinking of adding postcards from my foreign friends because it would add another element. Some of my friends I met on my travels sent me really nice postcards from countries they visited. I also think it's important for people to move out of their comfort zone and reach out to people who are different. I love having friends all over the world and I think that is important for humanity.

Here is a conversation from Facebook this morning:

In May I'm in charge of the display case for the library. I'm going to display my travels again, but include more albums, the book I wrote, maybe some travel diaries. I was thinking of also including some concert albums. Would that count as travel? My theme is called "explore your world."
Arrr!make other piratey faces
Scrawl yer thoughts
KS "Explore your world"
...through reading...
...through the arts...

...through music
Wesley Bear I can make signs that say that too. 
KS My if your making signs you could highlight new books library has added to its collection.
Wesley Bear Depends. The case isn't too big. There's about three shelves. Then again, I can make them in case. It becomes bigger once you start decorating.

What do you think?

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