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Friday, February 17, 2017

Mayhem Meet and Greet 2/16/2017

As you might remember during my blog party last month, I posted the poster I saw for the Mayhem meet and greet that was to take place on February 16. Well, I went last night! As we were waiting for Mayhem to show up, I met some really nice people who were super excited to meet them as well. A group of friends traveled from Baltimore to meet them, though they weren't staying for the Philly concert since they saw them in D.C. the previous night, but they wanted to meet Mayhem. They were a lot of fun. Then I met someone from Greensburg, a town outside of Pittsburgh. He hates living in Pittsburgh, but he was really cool too.

The meet and greet was in a shop called Vinyl Altar. Vinyl Altar specializes in selling heavy metal CDs, albums, cassettes, and other memoriabilia. I really liked the store, though it was small with all of the people waiting for their chance to meet Mayhem.

When Mayhem was due to arrive, we had to wait outside because of the size of the store. When they walked by, they smelled of weed. Sadly, I was so overwhelmed with seeing them in person (I've been listening to Mayhem since I was in high school and always thought they were a mystical band), the only picture I captured was of Necrobutcher's back walking into the store. One of the guys from Baltimore captured a video and he sent me the video.

Sadly, we couldn't take pictures with them because they didn't want to stand for every person. I couldn't blame them as time was limited and Vinyl Altar was small. They're Norwegian and despite their scary music (haha!) they were actually really nice guys. We talked a bit and it was a natural conversation, and I loved their Norwegian accents. Necrobutcher bought a "Make America Great Again" hat and was wearing it during the signing. Since they're Norwegian, my guess is he bought the hat for irony, especially since they have a song called "Pure Fucking Armageddon." I was chuckling to myself because it was out of place to see a Norwegian man wear a Trump hat.

They signed the two CDs I have. I was pretty happy. I also took selfies with the guys I met. The one from Baltimore and I exchanged Snapchats. It was a fun experience.

I'll post about the concert tomorrow. Now that was an awesome time, even though I left half deaf.


  1. Cool! You've met quite a few bands now, if I recall correctly. :)

    1. Yes! While I'm disappointed that they didn't allow pictures, I'm thankful that they were really friendly. I'm still fangirling over here. :D