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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ice Skating on International Day of Kindness 2/17/2017

The weather was gorgeous on Friday! When I arrived at Penn's Landing, I wanted to take pictures of the views:

Friday was the international day of kindness. I decided to pay it forward that day, and when I arrived at the ice rink, I saw a young woman and a small little girl waiting in line to pay for admission. I inquired if she had Blue Cross insurance and as soon as I heard her response of "no," I realized she was foreign. I offered to get her in free since I have the insurance and I can have up to four guests. She only had to pay for rentals. She thanked me and we talked for a bit. I found out she is in the US as an au pair for the little girl, she is from Belgium. I told her my Canadian plans and asked her how she liked being an au pair. She recommended it. Our pleasantries lasted for a good five minutes and I am glad I offered a hand of kindness because our conversation opened up some ideas. It was also awesome meeting a new person.

I did well ice skating, even though the ice is starting to melt. It was 34 when I went on Friday, but some areas of the ice were slushie. Between rowdy charter school kids and some slush, I did fall once. When I fell, a few of the students helped me up. I was helping some of the girls skate earlier, so they lent a helping hand to me when I needed one.

I skated for two hours and despite the fall, I enjoyed my time. I have been taking it easier because of my shoulder, but I still flew while being cautious. The rink closes on March 5, but I am looking into the fees of the local indoor rink.

I didn't leave unscathed. That's okay! I'm a warrior!

I just love ice skating! I may never be a figure skater, but I love the exercise and I love the feeling I get when gliding on the ice.

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