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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ice Skating: The Making of a Future Maple Leafs Player (I Wish)

Since I invested in my own pair of ice skates, I try to go ice skating twice per week. Last night after work I traveled into the city to go ice skating. It was so much fun and I am getting better. I was flying. I also met these two guys, Micah and Daiyan, and showed them how to skate a bit. Daiyan, originally from Bangladesh and a current Drexel student, couldn't even stand. I was on the outside, Micah stayed on the inside to hold onto the railing, and we skated slowly as a human chain. We did that for a good ten minutes with a lot of laughing. By the end of the session, Daiyan was getting a hang of ice skating.

I love all the people I meet while skating. It's also great to move around and skate to lively music. Ice skating is such a great stress reliever.

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