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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blood Orange Cilantro Salmon

Last night I wanted to try something new. When I was picking up the salmon to make for myself, I saw the blood oranges next to the lemons. I thought I would give the blood orange a try with the lemon flavor. Capers would be too acidic, so I bought cilantro instead.

I marinated the salmon in the blood orange, lemon juices with sea salt for ten minutes. I heated up the pan with olive oil. Once the olive oil was warmed up, I placed the cilantro and some more blood orange and lemon juices into the pan. I then added the salmon fillet in the marinade. I let it cook until it was flaky.


It came out perfectly and it was so easy!


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    You are very creative in the kitchen. Your Blood Orange Cilantro Salmon is another recipe that I will show to Mrs. Shady in hopes that she will prepare it for me. Salmon is one of my favorite types of seafood. There are fish farms in my region but Mrs. Shady and I always shop for ocean caught salmon rather than farm raised. Our supermarket carries fresh and frozen wild salmon and the better restaurants in town assure us that the salmon they serve is from the sea. Your Blood Orange Cilantro Salmon looks yummy and I am eager to taste it!

    Have a super week, dear friend JM!

    1. Thank you, Shady! I hope you do give the recipe a try!

      You too, dear friend.