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Monday, February 27, 2017

A Canadian Update

I sent this to a few friends the other night but I wanted to share it here.

Hey, everyone,

I'm keeping this short as I'm nursing a sore arm. I fell last Friday while ice skating - I need to look into the indoor rink because, with our unseasonable weather, the ice is starting to melt and makes it hard to skate. For whatever reason, yesterday my arm began to hurt, and it's not much better today. I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday, something I'll wait for because the cost of an urgent care is way too much money.

Otherwise, I've been well. Despite hearing from the FBI yesterday that my fingerprints weren't legible and I will have to get them redone, I am okay. I've decided to look into other countries in case Canada doesn't come to fruition. It has always been my dream to travel the world and work/live in other cultures. I've decided to keep myself open and to take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. I had to block someone on Facebook because she doesn't think I'm too career focused and my experiences in different types of fields are a deal breaker. I don't agree because people change careers all the time and my jobs/careers have similar transferable skills. I also think it is not a bad thing to have flexibility because you never know when you will need a certain skill from a job when you're in a pinch.

I think my issue is with Canada; I am not a legal resident. I stopped applying for employment in Canada and will wait for permanent residency. If I don't get permanent residency, I'll look at my other options and where I will be needed. Since I stopped looking at jobs in Canada, I've been freelancing to bring in extra money though I work two jobs. 

Since I work two jobs, I've also been trying to relax and destress. All the stress does not help me, especially medically. I've been writing and scrapbooking. In May I will be putting together a display for the library. Unwinding has made me feel less depressed. Even ice skating and exercising have been helpful. 

I've decided to take things one day at a time. Regardless of where I go, I look forward to whatever opportunity comes my way. Until then, I've been focused on working my two jobs, keeping in shape, and crafting - the exercise and crafting have been my form of mindfulness. Also listening to my inner voice has helped too, I need to do what I need to do. Not everyone will agree that I have stopped looking and will wait until I am legal (or will apply if I need to change direction), not everyone will agree with my crafting or the money I spend on ice skating or traveling, but it is not their life. I am doing what I need to do to be happy and healthy. Taking care of myself physically, spiritually, and mentally is more important than a career.

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