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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Secret Life of Bloggers' Blog Party: January 2017

January 1

January 5

January 6

January 7

Smart girl...

January 8

Love my new slippers!

January 9

The trail at work.

Loved this ad. Something the new president of the US should keep in mind...

Beautiful sunset.

January 13

January 14

Love my Bub socks.

January 15
I love Trader Joe's illustrations.

What I bought.

Love this tea.

Love this CD.

She's crashed out.

January 18

She jumped up on me and I captured this close up.

January 20

I renamed inauguration day as "World Kindness Day." All I can hope for is a smooth journey to Canada.

Fitting... I dislike moths, so this is a good pairing.

January 21

Mayhem was one of my favorite black metal bands in high school. I need to meet them!

With Murray, after I ate dinner. His owner was walking him and allowed me to take a selfie. Murray was friendly.

January 23
Had to get the soundtrack since I loved the movie.

I invested in my own pair of skates. $28... I get in for free, but it was $10 to rent at the rink. I want to skate more often, especially for health reasons. Now I skate for free!

January 27

These Irish people had to run the Rocky stairs. They had me send these pictures to them. They were visiting from where my relatives live.

Martha Stussy was awesome.

Ice skating was so fun! I love my new skates!

Awesome people I met. Rena, and Aisha.

Found out my great uncle died on Friday. Nan's last living sibling. He moved to Arizona and this is the picture from the last time I saw him. I was 6.

January 29

After the Chinese New Year parade, I went ice skating.

Love my new bear!

January 30


She found a spot on my desk.

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