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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Hungry Pigeon

After my ice skating adventure, I decided to check out The Hungry Pigeon. I have eaten at the Hungry Pigeon before, but only on a Sunday afternoon and a Sunday evening with Christina. In Philadelphia, most restaurants serve brunch all day on Sunday and that means the menu is very different from the normal weekday and Saturday menu. I loved the Hungry Pigeon during my Sunday visits, but I wanted to see the fare they offer during the week.

The menu wasn't too different. They reopened after a week off and everyone seemed relaxed. I ordered my half of chicken dish with refried beans, chile peppers, jalapeno peppers, and other fixings; but, I also ordered raw oysters and a bread plate with quince spread. The oysters were amazing, as was the locally made cheese and quince spread. I enjoyed my chicken platter.

I also love the atmosphere of the Hungry Pigeon. The restaurant is warm and friendly, it is a small restaurant so everyone is close together. I like the warm feeling of the restaurant, though. Even the waitstaff is very happy, they love their jobs. I especially love the decor because I just love pigeons. The pigeon wallpaper in the bathroom is my favorite.

The Hungry Pigeon is a bit expensive, but considering it's farm to table, locally grown and raised, and the amount of food one gets, the Hungry Pigeon is worth every penny!


  1. This post is a good example of reading the article and not the headline...I thought it was about a hungry pigeon you'd encountered! :D

    Still, The Hungry Pigeon sounds like a worthy place to eat. :)

    1. It was so good... you would enjoy it. :)