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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Haters

I know the Cephalopod Coffeehouse is next Friday, but I wanted to share with you a book I read earlier this month. The book is called The Haters and it was written by Jesse Andrews. It's a young adult book, but I would classify this in the mature young adult category for 18-25-year-olds because of the content.

Surprisingly, I really liked The Haters. I won't give any spoilers because I think people should explore the book for themselves. The Haters follow a group of 17 and 19-year-olds, Wesley, Corey, and Ash. Wesley, or Wes for short, and Corey were best friends before they met Ash at a jazz camp held by Shippensburg University. Wes and Corey meet Ash when they were all placed into the beginner jazz group and hated every moment of it. Ash is 19 years old, a recent high school graduate that is taking a year off of college to find herself. Ash is also rebellious and both boys develop a crush on her. When Ash suggests they run away from jazz camp to start their own band because starting their own band would teach them more than a jazz camp would, both Wes and Corey jump on the idea.

They are successful at running away, despite some snags and logistics. However, it is through that adventure the reader learns painful truths about Ash, Corey, and Wes. As we are learning those painful truths as Wes narrates the novel, Wes is learning those painful truths for himself. It is as we learn and as he learns that Wes starts to become more of an adult. Even some of the situations the teens find themselves in also mature them. A few passages struck out to me as I read The Haters:

As a 27-year-old, the book struck a chord with me. It helped opened my eyes to some things and it made me ponder about my life. I love books that allow for that and for that reason, I would recommend The Haters.

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