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Monday, January 23, 2017

Jellyroll's Sobriety Sucks | First Impressions

I heard about Jellyroll through Twiztid. He collaborated with Twiztid a few times and I really liked his style. He has also collaborated with Young Wicked and after listening to Young Wicked on repeat, I wanted to check out some of Jellyroll's solo work.

Jellyroll is from Antioch, Tennessee. He is a Southern boy and I will admit I was a bit surprised by his sound. He is rap, but his rap has a southern rock/country feel to it. It's a mix of rap/southern rock/country. I was pleasantly surprised and I liked most of the songs on Sobriety Sucks. I want to listen to the album more before giving a thoughtful review, but I wanted to share two of the songs I really liked from the album.

I like the songs and the videos because they are an honest reflection of his life. I would say this is an honest reflection of life from where he is from. I love the honesty in the songs because I always love raw honesty in music.

Again, I have to thank Twiztid and Young Wicked for exposing artists I might not have listened to if they were not invited to collaborate. I can't wait to listen to more of the album.

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