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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday Get Together with Christina at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

To finalize my post from yesterday, today was my year end close out at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Christina and I went to celebrate the holidays. She is originally from the suburbs of Cleveland and has never been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I wanted to show her around and since today the girl's choir was singing carols, I thought today was fitting. I also gave Christina her gift. While I gave my other friends the "DO NOT OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS!" instructions, I thought it'd be better for Christina to open her gift today before she travels back to Cleveland for the holidays. We had so much fun today.

Before we met up for the Art Museum, we explored the holiday garden near the Christmas Village.

It was truly a special day. We both had a great time and we cheered one another up. I'm thankful for moments like these.

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