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Friday, December 30, 2016

Cooking My Way Through 2016

I've cooked a few dishes this year, mostly Middle Eastern dishes. It has been a fun year experimenting with different cultural foods and it has been great learning how to cook. Let me share with you some of the dishes I made this year.


In January I made date bars and whole fried fish. Whole fried fish is one of my favorite recipes.


My parents went on a cruise, so I fended for myself for a week. I made Imam Biyaldi, spiced lamb, Moroccan chicken, and a few other dishes. I only took pictures of the Imam Biyaldi, lamb, and Moroccan chicken.

I also made couscous to go with the Imam biyaldi.

Moroccan chicken before it was fully cooked. It was a crock pot recipe. Was pretty good, though I think I'd add more sugar to it or salt.

Spiced lamb.


In July, I made the spiced lamb recipe for my dad. He really enjoyed it too.

But first I made Moroccan mint iced tea.


In August I made Shirazi salad and salmon.


In September, I made beef ribs.


I made a kosher version of Nan's Italian Wedding Soup. It had been four years since I last had it.


  1. Lots of awesome recipes! I rememeber the date bars - I think I asked at the time what a "date bar" was, thinking it was a bar people went to for dates. :P

    1. You did. :) Food is better than picking up people anyway. :p

      If you're interested in any of the recipes, I can send them to you.