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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Year of Philosophical Discussion

When I was still working for the Upper Merion Senior Service Center in the summer of 2015, I used to talk to the men from the computer club. Before I went to college and worked two jobs in college, I used to go to the center with Nan. I knew some of the computer club members already but introduced myself to the newer members. One of the members I introduced myself to is heavily into philosophy. I told him I minored in philosophy and he invited me to the philosophy club he attends. Sadly, at that exact point in time the meetings were on Monday nights and farther away from me. I couldn't attend.

Despite not being able to attend, the guy from the center gave my e-mail address to the leader and I was kept on the e-mail list. In August, there was finally a meeting that was on a Saturday night! I could attend and I did. The discussion was about the Articles of Confederation and I enjoyed myself.

Sadly, it was a hike and since I don't drive, Lyft was a bit expensive. Yesterday they held the meeting closer to me and I attended. The discussion was about prayer and Saint Thomas Aquinas's take on prayer. It was a 2.5-hour discussion and I shared my non-Christian views on prayer. I shared that the Islamic take on prayer is similar to what Saint Aquinas was arguing about. It was a respectful dialog and it was a great discussion.

Before I left, one of the members said if I want to continue attending, he wouldn't mind picking me up. He said I am brilliant and add a new voice to the discussion. He said they need younger voices, but also more diversity than Christian or atheistic thought. Sometimes I worry that I don't sound intelligent, but it made me happy to hear. I love discussions and that is why I loved being a philosophy minor. Even work I did as an English major was discussion based too. I can't wait to attend more meetings in 2017!

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