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Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Year of the John J. Audubon Center at Mill Grove

I spent a considerable amount of time this year at Mill Grove. I love the JJAC and seeing the owls. In August, the JJAC rescued a blue jay that was stolen by a person from the nest. The person thought it'd be cool to have a blue jay as a pet. Unfortunately, it proved otherwise. They named the blue jay Conrad and he's doing well. He loves his new home and visitors love him too.

On September 16, I took the day off since I saw Yusuf/Cat Stevens the night before. I wanted to spend the day doing something relaxing and decided to go to Mill Grove. I loved walking around the premises and since I am so used to going to Mill Grove in the winter, I was shocked when the trees blotted out the Perkiomen River! I also loved seeing the birds.

Mill Grove is gorgeous at the end of summer, early Autumn.

On December 4, Mill Grove had a holiday open house. Like in March, the Perkiomen River was in full view again! I had a great time during the open house and loved seeing Conrad, Sammy, and Odin.

I truly love Mill Grove. It's absolutely gorgeous and peaceful.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I can understand why you love to spend so much of your spare time at Mill Grove. It has much to offer with all the flowers, the rescued wildlife and opportunities to learn about nature. I'm happy to know you got a chance to visit your owl friends again. Last year Mrs. Shady and I visited a bird hospital and sanctuary near us and enjoyed getting a close-up view of eagles, pelicans and other native birds that were injured and could no longer care for themselves.

    Those critter tree ornaments are so cute!

    Thank you very much, dear friend JM, and have a wonderful weekend!