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Friday, December 16, 2016

A Year In Review: Mill Grove's Sapsucker Festival 3/5/2016

Ah, the first Saturday of my new schedule at the library: I won't be working Saturdays anymore! I decided to attend Mill Grove's Sapsucker Festival. The Sapsucker Festival is a celebration of the beginning of spring, it's a celebration for the time of year it is time to harvest sap for syrup from the trees. I went in 2014 and loved learning the history and seeing the birds.

However, the Audubon House was closed for reconstruction. Odin, Sammy, and Luna were all out for the event. Luna and Odin are the Great Horned Owls, Sammy the screech owl. All of the owls are rescued, but well loved and cared for. I always love seeing Odin and Sammy.

Of course, I made some syrup candy and loved walking around the premises. Fortunately, it wasn't bitter cold and it was a nice walk.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I remember the day you visited Mill Grove's Sapsucker Festival. You collected some excellent closeup shots of those rescued owls. I hope they are still doing well.

    Thanks for the review, dear friend Jessica Marie!

    1. Hi, Shady!

      The owls are doing well. Even the blue jay they rescued in August is doing well. I'm going to write another review later. :)