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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Spring of Book Discussions

In 2007, I joined the book discussion group that the library holds. Over the years, I participated in a handful of discussions and enjoyed every moment of the discussions. In the Spring, I participated in the "Connecting our Pasts, Presents, and Futures" discussion group. I loved the books we read, but I loved seeing the women again. While the books were emotionally tough because they were mostly about overcoming struggles, I loved discussing themes and everything else with this group. I've always felt a sense of belonging in book discussion groups and the spring was not much different. Over the years, the faces become familiar and welcoming. One of the discussion leaders was one of my professors in college.

The first book we discussed was Station Eleven. We all agreed that the book was a bit too long and the author was stretching in some areas. Our last book, Partitions, was eye-opening for us all. The book was about the annexing of Pakistan from India back in 1947. It was about the war and bloodshed of that time. We discussed how we still see that today and how we should overcome this violence. It was also my library boss's last discussion as he retired in August. We had a big celebration for him on April 17.

From the UM Township Library Facebook page.

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