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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Secret Life of Bloggers' Blog Party: November 2016

November 1

Took the day off from both jobs. Walking to the mall and it's still a Halloween wonderland.

November 2

Yep, I have to see where I put this sticker.

November 4

Some of the conversations I have with dad.

November 5

Going to the Symphony. SEPTA was on strike and only the trains were running.

It felt so weird that the city was on shut down!


After my hair was washed, before my hair cut.

My hair cut and style. Before the symphony.

I love this.

Went to a German restaurant afterwards.


I want the Bowie, N.W.A., and Sonic Youth posters!

November 6

Dad and Mimi.

Mimi loves her scritches. She thought my henna was cool as well.

November 7

Loving my cassette player!

November 8

Yes! I rather have voted for Grumpy Cat than the options we had!

November 9

Sad about the result.


November 10

Congressbear Percy! Great page! Wish he was in charge...

November 11

Could finally watch the Maple Leafs! They won!

November 12

Love my new, free pens.

The stray we're feeding.

We're all enjoying the fire.

November 13

Flip finding comfort in his new home.

November 14

I love her Drake backpack!

November 15

Started making my holiday cards. I made them secular for all faiths.

Love the Outer Limits!

November 18

Had dinner at Bonefish Grill. Dad's coworker gave us a gift card.

November 19

November 20

We went to Duluth Trading.

November 21

November 23

November 24

November 25

Went to Armani Exchange to get a friend something.

Gift card purchase, successful!

What I bought at Crash, Bang, Boom

November 26

We went to Asher's

November 28

My ugly sweater for Friday. LOVE IT!

Received a happy text message from the friend I sent the gift card to. Glad he enjoyed it. :)

November 29

First holiday card from Lisa! Love it!

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