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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday 11/17/2016

Happy Thursday! Can you believe we are halfway through November and that next Thursday is Thanksgiving? Where has this year gone?!

Today I feel thankful for Andrew. Andrew and I have been friends for five years and he's been a great friend over the years. I am sending out holiday cards this year and the forty I ordered, there was a mistake. I made the cards when I still had my old laptop and didn't realize I misspelled my name. Since the laptop was so slow, it didn't show the red squiggle. Snapfish also misspelled "adventure." I did get 20 free cards for being an awesome customer, but those free cards (which everything on the card is spelled correctly) will be sent to former teachers/professors, and former co-workers. I was explaining this to Andrew, apologizing for sending him a misspelled card, and he replied, "don't worry about it! It's the thought that counts!" I was very self-conscious about sending these cards, but Andrew makes me feel better about them. I don't think many of my friends will care - it's the thought that counts. I'm thankful that Andrew listens and never dismisses my feelings. I'm thankful for his friendship in general.

Yesterday, I was thankful for the one clerk that works for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department. He's one of dad's good friends as well. He is an older man, very nice, and often calls us (he's unmarried). Often we talk because we have a lot in common. Yesterday he gave dad a Thanksgiving card to all of us, a gift card to Bonefish Grill, then something for me- travel articles he thought I'd enjoy since he loves hearing about my travels. How sweet and we all feel grateful that he's in our lives.

What are you thankful for today?