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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Philadelphia Contemporary Craft Show / Monster Adoption Agency

Before I found the Turquoise Mountain booth, I walked around the craft show. There was this neat little booth selling a contraption that was reminiscent of Rube Goldberg.

Shame it was $3000, though. Most of the booths were like that - I saw a lovely silk scarf, but they were $350. I wanted to buy some bowls through the Turquoise Mountain school, but they were all sold out. I mean, who can pass up these beautiful bowls?

I didn't want to leave the craft show empty handed. I stopped by a booth that belonged to a college art student. I wanted to support her and thought her monster plushes were adorable. I adopted Flip.

Isn't he cute? You can check out Hanna Monsterly's store here.


  1. Hi, Jessica Marie!

    I would love to own one of those Rube Goldberg contraptions. Can I borrow $3,000 from you? :)

    Thank you for giving a lonely monster a forever home. :) I'm glad it didn't come from one of those awful monster mills. :)

    Thank you, dear friend Jessica!

    1. Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing! The money I have goes toward my moving fund and bills. :)

      Thanks, Shady. Skip sleeps next to Pikachu at night and they became the best of friends! I adopted another monster for my friend's grandson in Australia. His monster is named Igor, I believe. :)

      Have a great weekend, dear friend!

    2. Monsters could become the Cabbage Patch Dolls of the new millennium! :)